Pink rubber contact band for Yamaha Clavinova AE88 type


For keys with triggering problems, double triggering, lack of sensiblity (you may need to cut two holes on the new rubber band, look at your old rubber band for positions).

There is no guarantee that you'll have all keys back to normal, as the carbon on the contact board can also wear or be damaged, and these boards are obsolete

Ref Yamaha VS549800 , replace old green band VC799200 VN474300 VY693500

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Compatible with the following digital pianos  :

  • Korg C-15, C-25, C-30, C-40, C-400, C4000, C-50, C-5500,C6000, C6000M
  • Korg SG-ProX
  • Yamaha CLP-122, CLP-360, CLP-550, CLP560
  • Yamaha CVP-20, CVP-35, CVP-50, CVP-55, CVP65, CVP85, CVP87
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