6P6S/6V6 NOS Russian tube
  • 6P6S/6V6 NOS Russian tube

6P6S/6V6 NOS Russian tube

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Russian tube 6P6S (equivalent for 6V6, 6AY5)
THE tube for a roaring Fender Champ' Deluxe reverb or Princeton reverb
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General characteristics:

Filament voltage, Volt: 6.3
Anode voltage, Volt: 250
1st grid voltage, Volt: -12.5
2nd grid voltage, Volt: 250
Filament (heater) current, mA: 475±40
Anode current, mA: 46±13
2nd grid current, mA: no more than 7.5
1st grid reverse current, mkA: 2
Mutual conductance, mA/V: 3 to 5.2
Output power, W: no less than 3.6
Internal resistance, k?: 5.2
Inter electrode capacitance, pF:: 
- input: 9.5±1.6
- output: 3.8 to 9.2
- transfer: no more than 0.9
Operation time, h: over 2000

Limited operating values:

Filament voltage, V: 5,7-6.9
Anode voltage, V: 350
2nd grid voltage, V: 310
Cathode - heater voltage, V: 180
Anode dissipation, W: 13.2
2nd grid dissipation, W: 2.2
Resistance in 1st grid circuit, kOm: 500

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