Yamaha Clavinova upper Stopper felt GH/GH3
  • Yamaha Clavinova upper Stopper felt GH/GH3
  • Yamaha Clavinova upper Stopper felt GH/GH3

Yamaha Clavinova upper Stopper felt GH/GH3

package prepared in 24h on working days (monday to thursday), delivery indicative 10 days in europe but depends on country, please consult www.laposte.fr for more information

Yamaha clavinova replacement felt reference V8468201 Stopper U88-S CLP-430R , equivalent to V8468200

This part is now official replacement for old reference VU34210R/VU342100/VU342101 which is white/red/black.

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Replacement stopper to fit Clavinova CLP/CVP digital pianos with the GH3 88 keys keyboard (most keyboards after 2005, and some Motif synths)

This stopper is effective when you PRESS the keys, to fix the plastic noise problem.

1240mm long, mounted on adhesive

Fits on the following, non exhaustive list :

R01, H11VR, H11DB, H11AG, F11, F01, CVP509PM, CVP509PE, CVP509, CVP505PM, CVP505PE, CVP505, CVP503PE, CVP503, CVP409PM, CVP409PE, CVP409GP, CVP407, CVP405PM, CVP405PE, CVP405, CVP403PM, CVP403PE, CVP403C, CVP403, CVP309PM, CVP309PE, CVP309GP, CVP307M, CVP307C, CVP307, CVP305M, CVP305C, CVP305, CP5, CP1, CLPS408PE, CLPS406B, CLPS308PE, CLPS306PE, CLPF01, CLP480R, CLP480PE, CLP470R, CLP470PE, CLP465GP, CLP440R, CLP440PE, CLP440M, CLP440C, CLP440B, CLP430R, CLP430PE, CLP430M, CLP430C, CLP430B, CLP380PM, CLP380PE, CLP370PE, CLP370M, CLP370C, CLP370, CLP340PE, CLP340M, CLP340C, CLP340, CLP330PE, CLP330M, CLP330C, CLP330, CLP295GP, CLP280PM, CLP280PE, CLP280M, CLP280C, CLP280, CLP270M, CLP270C, CLP270, CLP265GP, CLP240PE, CLP240M, CLP240C, CLP240, CLP230PE, CLP230M, CLP230C, CLP230, CLP170M, CLP170C, CLP170, CGP1000, SCLP320

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