Spare parts for Yamaha audio products, mainly musical instruments, but also some Hifi parts.

We offer different kind of parts :

  • second hand parts, tested ok. They can be obsolete or from recent units
  • new parts, for permanent stock or over-stock

If you can't find the part you're looking for ask for a part by filling the online form

Yamaha music spare parts



    Yamaha CLP and CVP series keyboard spare parts

  • CS

    Replacement parts for Yamaha CS series keyboards

    All mythic polyphonic : CS50 (4-voice), CS60 and CS80 (8-voice) et le CS70M 

    But also other synthsizers les known and as beautiful such as : CS-01, CS-1x, CS-2x CS-5, CS-6xn CS-10n CS-15, CS-15D, CS-20M, CS-30L, CS-40M

  • DGX

    Spare parts and replacement parts for Yamaha DGX series digital keyboards

  • DTX

    Spare and replacement parts for Yamaha DTX series edrum

  • Electone

    Spare parts and replacement parts for Yamaha Electone organs.

    These have two or three keyboards and sometime a rythm unit, and found in may homes and storage... you may need a key, a switch or a board to repair it !

  • Genos

    Genos replacement parts

  • Montage

    spare parts an replacement parts for Yamaha Montage series

  • P Series

    Yamaha P series keyboard spare parts

  • PSR

    Yamaha PSR series keyboard spare parts

  • Reface

    Yamaha Reface series keyboard spare parts

  • Stagepas

    Yamaha Stagepas series amplifier spare parts

  • TF

    Spare parts and replacement parts for Yamaha TF series digital mixers : TF1 , TF3 , TF5

  • THR

    Replacement parts for THR series Yamaha amplifiers

  • Tyros

    Tyros keyboards spare parts

  • YDP

    Yamaha YDP series keyboard spare parts

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